Doggerel: Major Arcana

Medical Marijuana

My friend is being treated for cancer. He is taking morphine for pain, supplemented by dilaudid, but finds they make him drowsy and constipated (no surprise there). And he is forgetting to eat, and having trouble keeping down what he does eat. He posted on his blog that he has been finding marijuana very helpful… Read More »

Flag Auction

I was responsible for selling a group of flags from the former Wanamaker Collection at auction. I thought I heard that the first auction of these flags was to be held in Seekonk, Massachusetts. Let’s sell our flags in Seekonk,  In Seekonk by the sea!Where the geese with feral glee honk  As they fly o’er… Read More »

The More or Less Peaceable Kingdom

by Pipi van Firkhall, dds           I Posies are red, violence are blue. I am not a sheep. Are you?I’m a moose and you’re a goose. We are in the ballet russe,Where we dance upon the lawn The après-midi of a fawn.Stanley here’s a coral snake. Spends his time beneath the lake.We’ve asked him not… Read More »

Eating Ants

When the rains come in California, ants swarm from the soggy ground outside, up water pipes and through tiny cracks, into the house. There is just about no way to stop them. They get into everything. But the good news is that, unlike other insects, ants don’t ruin food — they are not only edible… Read More »

O To Be In Yemen

Note: The U. S. Department of State heard about an Al Qaeda plot, based in Yemen, for a terrorist strike against American interests somewhere, perhaps soon, and in timorous response on August 1, 2013, shut down a large number of diplomatic posts in Moslem countries, 19 of them for at least a week. The following… Read More »

Barbara Bel Geddes

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These past few days I always find This rhythm going Through my mind. Burma-Shave. From dawn of day To setting sun, The iambs settle One by one. Burma-Shave. In ABCB, We can see The power of Simplicity. Burma-Shave. Elastic but Hypnotic meter; No sestina Could be sweeter. Burma-Shave. ABCB. Thin or fat, Everything Comes down… Read More »

Ribbit: A Calypso of the Islands

In January 2001 I e-mailed a friend in New York.  For some reason we began to punctuate our conversations with frog calls: ribbit!  He told me he was not at home but in the U. S. Virgin Islands.  So I sent him this lyric. Ribbit: A Calypso of the Islands You be in de ilans,… Read More »