Other Writing: Minor Arcana

Different Strokes

Different strokes for different folks.
Different eggs have different yolks.
That is why we live our lives
Not quite the same as other blokes.

Gender Studies

I heard it first from a wise old hen:
Women are twice as smart as men.
Men can usually count to five,
But women can count to ten.

Search Engine Optimization

For Kathy Forer, who manages by website from New Jersey.

Inconvenient to have habitation
At opposite ends of the nation.
  But despite all of that,
  We must still have a chat
About search engine optimization.

Cot of Pain

Groan and cough and snort and squeal,
How I wonder what I feel.
Up above the world so high
Like a meatball in the sky.

The Lunatic

There once was an old lunatic
  Who had a mishegos.
He wrote about it all night long
  And so forgot to floss.