III: Bus Stop

            The snakes and the birds are not fighting in my back yard any more, which is all I care about – they can do what they like down the block.  But last week it was time to take the snakes to the veterinarian for their vaccinations. So  loaded them into the car and we started driving.  Snakes are serious kibitzers – they were doing a lot of what would have been back-seat driving if my car had a back seat.  They like speed, and kept hissing fassssster! Fassssster!  Sometimes they would go the other way with ssssslow!  Or even ssssstop!  It got on my nerves after a while and I told them to cut it out or they’d have to get out and walk.  They thought that was very funny, because snakes don’t walk, but get out and slither didn’t sound right.  So I said I would leave them at the bus stop and they could just get to the veterinarian on their own.  They thought this was even funnier, and soon all the snakes were laughing and giggling and hissing busssss ssssstop! Busssss ssssstop!  So I did leave them at the bus stop, which is what they really wanted, because they didn’t want to go to the veterinarian for ssssshots anyway.  I could still hear them laughing as I drove away.  Most of them slithered home in time for dinner, and no more was ever sssssaid about it.