The Snake Stories

For reasons too complex to relate, I have a lot of plastic and rubber snakes in my house. When my niece Arianna, then six, came to visit in 2018 she was delighted by the snakes, and in a letter afterwards asked me about them. So in my reply I told her a story about my snakes, and she enjoyed it, so in my next letter I told her another story, and she liked that one too, so I started including a snake story in each letter (some with an illustrative drawing). I have been having a good time writing these stories, the first fiction I have ever written (as an adult anyway). Here are the stories I’ve written so far, with drawings for the ones I have already sent. I will add more stories and drawings as they appear. The footnotes are consecutive in this compendium but of course the numbering began fresh with each story as they were sent out.

cartoon - Uncle David reading to four snakes