Economics Haiku

My friend Dr. Peter Miller goads me to as many haiku as my old law firm did. He sends me dense articles on economics which I do not read. The last time he did this I replied in haiku.

I can’t read this stuff.
Economics gives me gas.
How about them Mets?

Scanning through this screed,
It seems quite intemperate.
Why go through all that?

Wachoo wan’ from me?
Who the hell cares what I think?
I have no power.

Dow that can be known
Is not the Dow. Barney Frank
Will come rescue me.1

Che sera, sera,
As Doris Day once put it,
And I’m sure she’s right.

I have no control
Over what’s decided at
The grown-ups’ table.

Not my decision!
Questions about heraldry,
Those I can answer.

Much more interesting,
And better pictures! Also,
More civil discourse.

  1. When the Democrats were in power, Rep. Barney Frank (D.Mass.) was Chairman of the House Banking Committee.