I Know the Doe to Be a Blonde

The Doe was sometimes elusive and withdrawn, and this concerned the Buffalo. Here are three lyrics designed to flush the Doe from her covert.


I know the Doe to be a blonde,
And of her blondness I am fond.
If someone says she’s a brunette,
I think that person is all wet.
Whoever says her hair is red
Should be examined in the head.
I know the hue of every tress,
And furthermore … but I digress.

The Doe’s in an elusive mood,
With broccoli her only food.
Her mailbox fills with unheard messages.
Who knows what state of mind that presages?

The Bison’s going to New York,
The home of shellfish, beef and pork.
He hopes the Doe will stay in touch
Because he cares for her so much.

New York is far away, that’s right.
But phone calls go the speed of light.
To be connected, push the keys –
The call goes through with rapid ease.

The moral that this story proffers:
Accept support a bison offers.
The forest’s dark, and friends are few,
So stay in touch with those in view.

Shave and a haircut,
Twenty dollars.