What is Radbash.com?

It is the website of David F. Phillips (1944–2020). This is what David’s brother Christopher wrote on the evening following David’s death on the morning of March 26.

Who is David F. Phillips?

An American dilettante, amateur scholar, heraldist, retired lawyer, retired librarian, Buddhist and harmless eccentric, born in Delaware in 1944 and living now in San Francisco. For more about me, see Who I Am.

Why is it called Radbash?

It is a Hebrew acronym meaning Rabbi David, the son of Samuel. For more on this see Pseudonyms. Although my father’s name was Samuel, I am not actually a rabbi.

What is on this website?

The tabs at the top of every page display broad categories of content. They include:

How can you contact me?

By e-mail here.