Other Writing: Dramatic Works

I worked with my friend and mentor Professor Bernard L. Segal (1930-2011) in the Trial Advocacy Program at Golden Gate University Law School in San Francisco. Sometime in the 2000s, Bernie got the idea of using well-known folk tales to show students the importance of story in trial advocacy.

To help with this, I wrote a legal file based on Little Red Ridinghood. It contained witness statements, documents and criminal history records, to be used for prosecuting the wolf, whom I called Leonard Woolf , for the murder of Ridinghood’s grandmother and other crimes against the State of Sachertorte in the Black Forest. Students used this file as the basis for a mock trial, with students taking the roles of all witnesses and advocates. This was performed with great success for several successive years.

Seeking to vary the presentations, I wrote another file, this one based on Hansel and Gretel. But for reasons still unclear to me it was never performed.

The form of the dates used in these materials, YR-0, was a convention used in mock trial competitions to allow a date to be inserted with reference to the current year, whatever it was at the time of use.

“Will She or Won't She,” about Hillary Clinton's devision to run for President, was not written for Golden Gate University.