Other Writing: Tyrannical Laws

I wrote these statutes, regulations, proclamations and the like in an ironic and satirical spirit, as experiments with ideas.  For example, the Franchise Protection Act imagined a system here such as is used in Iran, to exclude from the ballot anyone the regime did not want elected.  The Government of Women Act imagined what the Taliban might impose if they were to take power in the United States, based more or less on Islamic law.  The Establishment of Religion imagined implementation of the ideas of the American extreme Christian Right.  The Emergency Firearms Regulations took the extreme left-wing position rather than, as usual, that of the right.

It should hardly need to be stated that I do not support any of these laws or the ideas behind them – indeed I find them all repugnant and disgusting as policy.1  That is why I label them all as Tyrannical Laws.  I wrote them just to see where these ideas might go if followed to their extremes.  

  1. Except for the Firearms Regulations, excluding of course the enforcement and penalty provisions. ⇧