Northern California Emergency District



  1. The Northern California Emergency District (NCED) is hereby established.  It consists of the counties of Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara, California, including waters within county boundaries.  It may be enlarged or reduced by Executive Order.

    Emergency Civil Authorities

  2. All civil authority in force within the NCED immediately prior to this Proclamation is suspended until further notice.
  3. During the Emergency, all legislative power in the NCED shall be exercised by the NCED Junta.  The initial members of the Junta are:
    1. Moon Mullins
    2. Michael Nomad
    3. Smokey Stover
    4. Lucy Van Pelt
    5. Abner Yokum

    The Junta may fill vacancies as they arise.

  4. During the Emergency, all legislative power in the NCED shall be exercised by a Caudillo to be appointed by the Junta.  The Junta may depose the Caudillo, and name his successor in office.
  5. During the Emergency, all judicial power in the NCED shall be exercised by emergency courts to be established by the Junta.  The judges of these courts shall be appointed by the Caudillo with the consent of the Junta.
  6. All uniformed security and safety forces within the NCED shall be under the command of Emergency Civil Authorities named by and responsible to the Junta.
  7. The Junta may establish subordinate organs of local government for the Supervisorial Districts.

    Martial Law

  8. The Cities of San Francisco and Oakland are under martial law.
  9. A total curfew is in effect in San Francisco and Oakland until further notice.  No one is permitted outside, except as follows:
    1. San Francisco Supervisorial Districts 1 and 6, and Oakland City Council Districts 1 and 7: 10 am to noon Monday, Wednesday and Friday;
    2. San Francisco Supervisorial Districts 2 and 7, and Oakland City Council District 2: noon to 2 pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday;
    3. San Francisco Supervisorial Districts 3 and 8, and Oakland City Council District 3: 2 pm to 4 pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday;
    4. San Francisco Supervisorial Districts 4 and 9, and Oakland City Council District 4: noon to 2 pm Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
    5. San Francisco Supervisorial Districts 5 and 10, and Oakland City Council District 5: 2 pm to 4 pm to noon Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
    6. San Francisco Supervisorial District 11, and Oakland City Council District 6:  2 pm to 4 pm Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
  10. Places of business selling food for consumption off premises, and/or basic supplies, may be occupied (although not open) for two hours before and one hour after curfew, and the personnel of these business may be permitted on the streets during those hours, in order to maintain availability of food and basic supplies for the people of their districts.
  11. Other variances of curfew regulations may be granted by the Caudillo.  Any such variances may be modified or suspended by the Junta.  Local variances of curfew regulations may be granted by subordinate district authorities appointed under section 7 of this Proclamation, subject to modification and suspension by the Caudillo or the Junta.
  12. Anyone violating curfew regulations shall be arrested by Emergency Civil Authorities and detained indefinitely.  Businesses found open without permission during curfew shall be closed until further notice; businesses cited more than once for curfew violations shall be forfeited.
  13. Any resistance, or advocacy of resistance, to martial law regulations will be punished by indefinite detention.
  14. Martial law and martial law regulations may be established in areas of the NCED other than San Francisco and Oakland at the discretion of the Caudillo or Junta.

    Emergency Regulations

  15. During the Emergency, no seditious writing, or any writing opposing the Provisional Military Government of California, or the civil or military government of the NCED, or any of their orders, ordinances or incidents or acts of government, may be published, distributed or possessed within the NCED.
    1. All such writings may be confiscated and destroyed in the discretion of NCED authorities, and anyone possessing them or assisting in their publication or distribution may be detained indefinitely.
    2. Any similar expressions in broadcast or electronic media, including text messages, telephones, cell phones, or similar devices, is prohibited, and anyone making any such expression may be detained indefinitely, and the means of such expression confiscated.
  16. During the Emergency, officials of the NCED may enter any land or structure or private vehicle for any official purpose, and access any electronic device or information storage device or facility, and arrest any person and confiscate any item or vehicle or electronic file reasonably suspected of posing a danger to the peace and welfare of the NCED, or to civil order.
  17. During the Emergency, all firearms permits are suspended.  All firearms possessed by private persons are subject to confiscation, and those found possessing them may be detained indefinitely.
  18. Any person arrested under these Emergency Regulations may be confined for such period, and in such place and under such conditions, as may be convenient to the Civil Authorities.  The writ of habeas corpus is abolished for the duration of the Emergency.
  19. The Civil Authorities may assess and levy such emergency revenues as may be required for the Emergency Government of the NCED.
  20. The proclamations, orders and rulings of the Provisional Military Government of California, or the Emergency Civil Authorities of the NCED, may not be questioned in any court or forum.