Emergency Firearms Regulations


The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution is hereby repealed.


  1. All firearms are hereby declared contraband.
    1. All licenses for individual firearms are declared void as of 15 days after the effective date of this law.
    2. Museums may possess firearms for exhibition purposes only if rendered permanently inoperable.
    3. Ammunition and ammunition clips for firearms, and attachments including but not limited to gunsights and silencers, are also declared contraband.
    4. Notwithstanding the provisions of this section, firearms may be possessed by the military, law enforcement agencies, licensed dealers, and individuals with licenses for individual weapons.
  2. Individual licenses
    1. Rifles and shotguns may be licensed to hunters for hunting only.  These licenses shall allow possession of a hunting weapon outside the licensee’s home only while a state hunting license is also in force.
    2. No person may possess for private use more than two hunting rifles and two hunting shotguns, or ammunition for any other firearm.
    3. Rifles and shotguns may not be licensed to private persons for any purpose other than hunting, which may include self-protection from animals in wilderness areas.
    4. A hunting firearm shall become contraband on lapse of the license for it.
    5. No license shall be issued under any circumstances for private possession of a handgun, except that law enforcement agencies may license handguns for use by private registered security agencies.
    6. A public registry shall be maintained of all privately owned and licensed firearms.
  3. The first 60 days after the effective date of this law is an Amnesty Period.
    1. During this period enforcement of Section 1 is suspended so that anyone possessing contraband weapons or ammunition clips may bring them to police stations and surrender them without penalty.
    2. After the Amnesty Period contraband may still be surrendered without penalty under regulations to be adopted for the purpose.
  4. After the expiration of the Amnesty Period, accusations of possession of contraband automatic weapons and ammunition clips shall be heard by an Emergency Weapons Tribunal.
    1. Knowing unlicensed possession of a contraband firearm shall be conclusive proof of violation.
    2. The penalty for such violation shall be death, the sentence to be publicly executed within fourteen days of rendition using the contraband weapon itself.
    3. The penalty for possession of contraband ammunition, ammunition clips and attachments shall be set by the Tribunal in individual cases, and may but need not be death.
    4. Appeal of a conviction under this law may be made to an Emergency Firearms Appellate Judge, who may but need not stay execution of sentence pending rehearing of the evidence.  Appeal is limited to questions of fact such as scienter, elements of possession, credible claims of involuntary possession or planting of evidence, and the technical properties of the contraband.
    5. The mandatory penalty of death is subject to variance to a lesser penalty by the Emergency Weapons Tribunal on the basis of mitigating circumstances to the absolute minimum extent needed to comply with Gregg v. Georgia; provided, that it is the sense of this legislative body that circumstances sufficient to mitigate this crime and avoid the prescribed punishment are very rare.