Moslem Containment Act

June 2016

I emphasize that I do not support this dreadful tyrannical law. But since Donald Trump has raised this idea as a centerpiece of his appalling campaign for President, this thought experiment begins to think through how such a program might work. Of course it is completely unconstitutional in about four different ways, but never mind that for now.

  1. No Moslem not a United States citizen may enter the United States.
  2. All Moslems within the United States who are not United States citizens, without exception, are subject to immediate deportation. All such Moslems wherever identified shall be at once arrested and held in federal custody pending deportation.
  3. All visas, residency permits and applications for them, and citizenship applications made by Moslems are hereby denied or revoked, without exception.
  4. All Moslems who are United States citizens, without exception, shall be placed immediately in Moslem Detention Facilities for their protection and the protection of the nation. Pending construction of sufficient facilities, federal and local jails and prisons may be designated as Moslem Detention Facilities; military bases may also be so designated if the necessary capacity cannot be found elsewhere. These facilities are distinct from the deportation holding facilities where non-citizen Moslems are held pending deportation.
  5. Moslems held in Moslem Detention Facilities and in deportation holding facilities may exercise their religion without hindrance, and shall on request be provided with a halal diet, prayer mats, copies of the Koran in Arabic or other languages as needed, reasonable access to Moslem clergy, and an opportunity to perform Moslem prayer. Other reasonable accommodations to Moslem religious requirements shall be made as needed within such facilities.
  6. Moslems held in Moslem Detention Facilities may be released only if they credibly renounce Islam and adopt another religion or comparable philosophy, or if they renounce American citizenship and accept deportation. Such renunciations may be made on their behalf by parents or guardians of children under 14.
  7. A Moslem Identification Office shall be established in the Department of Justice, headed by a Chief Moslem Identification Officer. The Chief Moslem Identification Officer and his deputies will have sole discretion to determine, under regulations to be adopted, who is a Moslem, and whether a renunciation of Islam under section 6 is authentic and effective. A determination by a Moslem Identification Officer may be appealed to the Chief Moslem Identification Officer, but not to any court. In appropriate cases the Chief Moslem Identification Officer may refer his decision to the Attorney General for review.