Travel: Overview

I have done a lot of traveling, both in the United States and abroad.  These travels, and what I learned from them, contributed in important ways to the person I have become.  This part of the Radbash website is about these travels.

There are three elements in this section.

Travelogues.  Since January 2008 I have written an electronic travelogue during or after every major trip, in place of the postcards I used to send.  At first they were quite short, but they became longer and more complex with time, and I began embedding images inside them.  At this writing there are 22 letters in 19 files (some early letters have been combined).  They are all available here, along with a contents page containing a brief summary of each one. 

Note: Because the travelogues were composed on Microsoft Word, and because translating them into HTML disrupts the embedding of the images, I have posted them as pdfs which must be downloaded.  Once a pdf is downloaded, clicking an icon in the upper left-hand corner of the screen will reveal advanced index and navigating tools.

The County Project.  Apart from annual trips to my home town of New York City, my travels within the United States have been shaped by my project of going to every county or equivalent jurisdiction in the United States, of which there are 3,133.  I am now at 2386 (about 73%) and still counting. I discuss the County Project here, and provide links to an interactive map and charts showing my progress, and to a list of counties remaining to visit.

Records and Statistics. In this section I provide lists and tables quantifying my travels, including countries and cities visited and other records.

Note. Chapter 30 of my Autobiography discusses my travels in more depth.