Regulation of Opinion Act

  1. A National Opinion Office, to be headed by a Director, is hereby established within the Office of the President.
  2. Official Opinions on political, economic and religious issues will be issued by the National Opinion Office.  These will be the only opinions it is lawful to hold, speak or publish.
  3. Anyone speaking, publishing, or found to hold any opinion deviating from the Official Opinions will be punished summarily by death.
  4. The parents, siblings, spouses and children of anyone sentenced to death under this law will also suffer summary death, regardless of their own actions or opinions, as a safeguard of orthodoxy and a disincentive to dissidence.
  5. Opinions on subjects not yet covered by Official Opinions may be expressed only at the speaker’s risk.  If such expressions are inconsistent with later-established Official Opinions, the person expressing them, or assisting in their expression, may be punished as determined by the Director of the National Opinion Office.
  6. No court of the United States or any State shall have jurisdiction to consider any action arising under this Act.