Barbara Bel Geddes

barbara-bel-geddes norman-bel-geddes Note: This poem is a work of fiction, and does not intend any serious comment on the habits or skills of the distinguished American screen actress Barbara Bel Geddes (1922-2005), or her father Norman Bel Geddes (1893-1958), the equally distinguished industrial designer.


Barbara Bel Geddes

When I was the boyfriend of Barbara Bel Geddes,
That’s when I learned how much fun getting head is.

Barbara had an exceptional gift.
She knew how to give a man’s organ a lift.

Her speed and her pressure were always just right.
She knew how to nibble but never to bite.

But good though she was, I still think I would rather
Be sucked off by Norman Bel Geddes, her father.

Both of them had the most delicate lips.
They studied the method on passenger ships,

Polishing fine points of rhythm and style,
Practicing mile after nautical mile.

Barbara the actress and Norm the designer
Helped folks relax on the luxury liner.

They understood balance was key in fellatio,
Sucking and licking in just the right ratio.

Secrets like this Norman passed to his daughter.
All he could teach, he unselfishly taught her.

And both of them knew, in fellatian art,
That the mouth is important, but more so the heart.

Though my lovers now still have distinction and fame,
Without Barb and Norman it isn’t the same.

Barbara had talent, but Norman had genius.
There was nothing that man couldn’t do with a penius.

So now, at the peak, before squirting out jism,
I think about Norman, and that’s when I mism.