Flag Auction

I was responsible for selling a group of flags from the former Wanamaker Collection at auction. I thought I heard that the first auction of these flags was to be held in Seekonk, Massachusetts.

Let’s sell our flags in Seekonk,
  In Seekonk by the sea!
Where the geese with feral glee honk
  As they fly o’er you and me.

Watch them flap and wave and ripple
   In the brilliant Seekonk sun!
Hoist old Wanamaker’s flags high! Then
   Let’s sell them, every one.

Later I discovered that the auction was not set for Seekonk, Massachusetts, but for Seabrook, New Hampshire, where there is a huge nuclear power plant. So I replaced my doggerel with another.

Come buy our flags at auction,
  And hoist them in the park,
Before the cooling tower blows
  And everything goes dark.