The Indispensable Doe

The Doe is a newspaper reporter by profession, an endangered species in the present age. She was often concerned that her job might be eliminated and that she might be laid off. Despite many waves of layoffs this never happened to the Doe; in my view this was because she had made herself indispensable to her editors. I wrote this doggerel for her, for encouragement.


© 2008 by Joe Buffalo

[To the tune of “Embraceable You,” by George Gershwin.
Listen to Ella Fitzgerald sing the song.]

Mass layoffs
Spare the Indispensable Doe.
Some panic,
But not the sensible Doe!
Papers cease to publish.
They are thinning the herd.
The Doe, undaunted,
Churns it out in Microsoft Word.

The New York bureau,
Well, it may have to go.
But ax the white-tailed one?
The answer is NO!
She won’t get sloppy
With her copy,
That’s a place she won’t go –
The Indispensable Doe.