Letter to John McCain

Senator John McCain
U. S. Senate
Washington, DC
                                                                December 2, 2017

Dear Senator McCain,

          Well, after all the fine speeches about patriotism and duty and regular order, you voted for a tax bill patched together behind locked doors in the dead of night, which no one could read and wasn’t even printed.  But you must have known enough about it to know that it was a massive giveaway to the rich, paid for by the poor and the middle class and another trillion dollars of debt, a measure that most people who know anything about it hated and that never had any reasonable economic justification, just so the Republicans could say they had done something, no matter how bad it was.  I assume you knew all this and voted for it anyway, when you had it in your power to stop it.

          Why did you do this to the people of your state and your country?  It can’t be for donors’ money, as you just won what is clearly going to be your last campaign and will never need to run again.  So you don’t need their money, but the donors (and Trump’s ego) were the only constituency for this bill.  I can understand most of the others, but you once had some honor.  And now it is all gone, and you got nothing for it.  You once had courage, too, and now you will be remembered for cowardice.  Was it worth it?

          No need to respond.  There’s nothing you could say now that I would believe.

          Yours truly,

          David F . Phillips