Thinking About Mitch McConnell

The day after the disastrous 2014 midterm elections, my friend Joel Solkoff posted a long screed about the disgusting Mitch McConnell (R.Ky.), who is set to become Majority Leader when the Republicans take over the U. S. Senate in January. I left a comment on his website and reproduce it here.

This is the wrong approach. The election has only been over for a few hours – McConnell won’t even become majority leader for two more months – and already your head is full of him, and you’re trying to fill our heads with him too.

No, the only sensible approach is not to think about McConnell or the Republicans for two years, or at least until the next election heats up. They won’t pay any attention to us, no matter what we say, so why should we pay any attention to them? There is nothing we can do about the damage and violence and ignorance and cruelty and injustice they are going to vomit over our country, so it’s not as if we have to stay alert protect her – we can’t help no matter how close attention we pay, and it would be agonizing and frustrating to watch helplessly while they do their filthy work.

So since we can’t affect what they do with their majority, we should ignore them completely for the next two years – as if under anesthetic, as we would be for any other painful operation. Is there an atom of benefit for anyone on our side, not actually in the government, in thinking even for a moment about Mitch McConnell? I can’t identify a single one.