President Obama instituted a policy called We the People, which provided that when a 25,000 petitions on a particular subject were received at the White House, there would be an official response.  Many more than 25,000 petitions were submitted from southern states demanding to secede from the Union (again); indeed more than four times the threshold number came from Texas alone.  Here’s the wussy response of a mid-level factotum, in January 2013, to petitions for the secession of Louisiana.  Not thinking that good enough, I wrote what I think is a better one for the President’s own signature.



The White House has received many petitions asking for various states to secede from the Union.  A number of these, including petitions relating to Texas, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi, have exceeded the 25,000-signature threshold for consideration and reply.  Accordingly, I reply that my Administration will take no action on these requests, for the following reasons.

  1. I do not believe it is in the best interest of the United States to divide itself into several smaller countries.  I think we will all do better if we remain united; moreover many of the states do not have the resources to prosper as independent countries.
  2. Even if I did favor secession, the Executive Branch has no authority to act in this matter.
  3. I believe the Legislative Branch has no authority to act in this matter either.  In my view the Civil War established for all time that the Union cannot be dissolved.  It is possible that an amendment to the Constitution, which would have to be ratified by 37 states, could provide for a secession mechanism, although even this is not certain, as the Union preceded the Constitution.  In any event, my Administration would oppose any such amendment on policy grounds.

All 50 states are in our Union to stay.  Everyone should recognize this and try to work together.