Doggerel: Family

Reckless Moose

© 2013 by Joe Buffalo My brother Christopher, who imagines himself a moose the way I identify as a buffalo went up to Yale to look at some material in the Archives and Manuscripts library. He thought the material could be made into a book, but then grew daunted at the task he seemed to… Read More »

Wedding Song For Christina and Adam

How do you do, a little kiss, And suddenly from there to this? The stars aligned, and here they are? Pretty quick to come so far. But it all was easy sledding From the first date to the wedding. Old Confucian I Ching wheeze: Cre- ative rises in the easy. Things are pretty good when… Read More »

Welcome Home, Christina

My sister-in-law Christina became very ill from some kind of patent remedy or supplement and ended up in the hospital. I wrote this poem to welcome her home. WELCOME HOME, CHRISTINA                 by James Whitcomb Riley So welcome home, Christina!   You done give us a turn! And no more herbal doodads is   A lesson… Read More »

Christina Wounded

For my sister-in-law, accidentally cut by a sharp blade in distant Greece Counting sheep …  Fast asleep!Cannot hear  Computer beep. Newly sliced  By shiny metal,Gotta give it  Time to settle. Get some rest and  Take a snooze.Maybe drink  A little booze. We’ll connect  When we have time.Till then we’ll scan  And also rhyme.

Birthday Poem for Christina 2018

So mazel tov, Christina,  On reaching thirty-two.Your growing years add dignity  And gravitas to you. You deserve a celebration  For making it this far.Perhaps a glass of ouzo in  A friendly island bar? Do folks do birthday cakes in Greece,  With candles burning bright?They should bring you flaming pastry  On this very special night. Meanwhile… Read More »

Sixth Birthday Poem for Arianna

February twenty-ninth,   Two thousand and eighteen:It is a day that never was,   That no one’s ever seen. And yet, my niece, by artful tricks   All hidden from the scene,You use this day for turning six,   An age you’ve never been.  This special day, by happy rule   The whole world celebrates.The kids at the Cathedral School  … Read More »

Fifth Birthday Poem for Arianna

Arianna’s turning five. That’s how long she’s been alive. Three’s forgotten. Four is past. She is growing up real fast. Future’s vague, but one thing’s certain. This is the year of Kindergerten Where she will go to socialize With kids of every shape and size. Get to know St. John’s Cathedral. A space both vast… Read More »

Fourth Birthday Poem for Arianna

I wrote this poem for my niece Arianna Louise Phillips, who celebrates her fourth birthday on Leap Day (February 29), 2016. Happy birthday!You are four.You are not threeAny more. Find a thingThat’s fun to do.Four is made ofTwo and two. EverythingIs meant to pleaseAriannaAnd Louise. Run to the parkAnd climb a tree.Four is made ofOne… Read More »