Wedding Song For Christina and Adam

How do you do, a little kiss,
And suddenly from there to this?

The stars aligned, and here they are?
Pretty quick to come so far.

But it all was easy sledding
From the first date to the wedding.

Old Confucian I Ching wheeze: Cre-
ative rises in the easy.

Things are pretty good when trust
Counts somewhere near as much as lust.

Two adults control their fears?
Happens every hundred years.

There’s no reason to delay
Adam and Christina’s day.

This is what they came to long for
While with people they were wrong for.

So seize the day and carpe diem
As the A.M. glides to P.M.

Take a real deep breath and sign,
Right there on that dotted line.

Tie the knot and ring the bell.
This is going very well.


Wedding first, and then the baby.
Really coming! Don’t mean maybe!

First a grape-seed, then a grape,
Then she takes a peanut shape,

This part lengthens, that part rounds,
Suddenly she’s seven pounds.

Growing quickly, pound by pound;
The wheels on the bus go round and round.

English, yes, but when she’s two,
Μιλά ελληνικά πολύ.

Alphabet and Golden Rule,
First grade, ninth grade, graduate school.

Mostly hasn’t happened yet,
But it will. And soon, you bet.

Everything goes by so fast
A future’s now’s already past.


So look around; try to remember
This eleventh of November.

Marvel what it took to get here;
Let your long-term memory set here.

Pick a moment of this scene
And keep your recollection green.

Bottom line and take-away:
If you want to have your day,

When your chance comes, don’t refuse –
Luck is knowing when to choose.