Fifth Birthday Poem for Arianna

Arianna’s turning five.
That’s how long she’s been alive.
Three’s forgotten. Four is past.
She is growing up real fast.

Future’s vague, but one thing’s certain.
This is the year of Kindergerten
Where she will go to socialize
With kids of every shape and size.

Get to know St. John’s Cathedral.
A space both vast and polyhedral.1
You could drive a bus in there
With room to park it anywhere.

There will be dance. There will be pizza.
And probably a trip to Grizza.
And plenty more to see and do,
Enough to see the whole year through.

So have a happy, pleasant year.
Cut back on cigarettes and beer.
Learn a few astounding tricks,
And suddenly, you will be six.

  1. Meaning it has many sides. Sorry – not many words rhyme with cathedral.