Food Drive Haiku

In addition to an Oscar pool, the same partner sent out haikus to develop interest in the firm’s canned food drive. She wrote long haiku strings, of which this is a sample:

Friday is last day
To donate canned good items.
Your help needed now.

Temperature rising.
Oh God, it’s so hot in here.
How to cool down now?

Empty food barrels…
Shall I fill them with some ice
And immerse myself?

I replied.

These are very good.
Who could read these and resist
Chipping in some cans?

Still, I recognize
Symptoms of Haiku Madness.
Verses will not stop.

It’s in a good cause.
But H.M., left untreated,
Can get out of hand.

Perhaps immersion
In a barrel full of ice
Would be the best plan.