Republican Landslide Haiku

November 2014

Landslide at the polls.
G.O.P. wins everything.
Democrats get creamed.

A wave election.
Plutocrats and troglodytes
Running the table.

Vicious old turtle,
Senator Mitch McConnell
Plans for destruction.

Democrat party:
It’s my way and the highway!
We don’t need you now.

Is the only thing that counts.
Follow the leader.

Senator Inhofe
Thinks there is no climate change.
Now he’ll run Science.

Never mind your facts.
We have something we prefer:

And the Bible too.
Take no thought for the morrow.
Matthew six, three-four.

Lisa Murkowski
Will take over Energy.
Drill drill drill drill drill!

Exxon, Chevron, Shell –
Frack that oil up from the ground!
Who cares what happens?

Banking Committee?
You are only kidding, right?
FOX in the henhouse.

Yo, Bain Capital!
Goldman Sachs, Koch Industries,
Anything you want!

Billionaires exult.
No need now to pay their way!
Take it from the poor.

Cut rich folks’ taxes.
Middle class? Don’t make us laugh!
We’re job creators!

And then there’s Ted Cruz,
Eager to smash everything.
John Brown, but backwards.

Health insurance is
Not good for low-income folks.
Rots their ambition.

We never bothered
With such fancy frippery
Back on the frontier.

Churches helped out. Women
Brought you soup if you got sick.
We helped each other.

Stop Obamacare!
Nothing but a rip-off to
Make doctors rich.

Really, who needs it?
Trip to emergency room
Doesn’t cost a thing!

From this day forward,
No one gets to be a judge
Except good old boys.

Air pollution’s not
So bad, when you factor in
All of the profits.

Firearms control
Saps our vital liberties.
Can’t help the murders.

States’ rights, limited
Government, local control –
Except for sex and drugs.

War, though – bring it on!
Smite the dirty what’s-er-names!
U.S.A. must win!

Fair, balanced Fox News
Doesn’t have to make things up!
Now it all comes true!

Seeking consensus?
Consider both sides’ interests?
Y’all go fuck yourselves!

Socialist faggots,
Nigger-loving atheists,
Nancy Pelosi –

We’re in charge now!
Don’t speak till you’re spoken to,
Which will be never.

Barack Obama
Cowers in his oval room.
More failure ahead.

Why would anyone
Vote for the Republicans
For any office?

No, seriously.
Stupidity and ignorance,
And fear, and hatred.

Yes, they won. But all
That shows is that we cannot
Govern ourselves.

Why should I go on
Prophesying woe to come?
You’ll see soon enough.