Torah Haiku

A Jewish friend sent some haiku by Ed Nickow.

Three months since Egypt
It’s time for revelation
The Ten Commandments

One G-d, no idols
Don’t swear, remember Shabbat
Honor your parents

Don’t murder, don’t cheat
No stealing, and no lying
Last thing – don’t covet

It turns out these are from a much larger series called Torah in Haiku.

I added a couple more.

Whatever you do,
Do not eat any shellfish!
G-d will be pissed off!

Oh, right, we’re Reform.
Shellfish is now permitted.
Plus c’est la même chose.

A friend, reading these, asked me this question: Is it less kosher to dip lobster in melted butter than in olive oil? Or is a ham and cheese sandwich less kosher than just a ham sandwich? Is there such a concept as more treif?

I replied.

No lobster for Jews!
Dip it in Manischewitz,
It makes no difference.

Ham and cheese? No way!
What are you, some kind of goy?
I told you twice now!