Japanese Print Show Haiku

Dr. Peter Miller is a printmaker in Japan, creating etched prints from photographs by an antiquated process called gravure. The remarkable results can be seen (without the impact of originals, but still) on his website. He was preparing for a show of his work when I wrote him these haiku.
Good luck with your show.
Sell them puppies off the walls!
Wealthy collectors.

Fifty thousand yen?
Nothing for a man like you!
Shall I wrap it up?

Those form a diptych.
Take them both for ninety grand!
Cannot split them up.

Sepia, umber,
Special tinctures from the West.
Those go for sixty.

Where else can you find
Nineteenth century technique
At such low prices?

Buy my stuff — you’ll see!
People then will think you are

Misty pagodas.
Very Japanese, but with
A whiff of gaijin.

Fifty thousand yen
Is nothing really. Buy it
For an investment.

This is not a word you know?
Buy it anyway.

I broke my tuchis
Getting these up on the wall!
Buy buy buy buy buy!